French 2022/2023

About the Subject

French is a Romance language and thus related to, for example, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Like other Romance languages, French has evolved from the spoken Latin used during Roma times - the "Vulgar Latin". About 75 million people speak the language. A part from France, French is also spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and in France's former colonies.

The education aims to improve basic language skills with focus, in the beginning, on grammar studies, training of the ability to converse as well as text reading which increases vocabulary and grammatical correctness. Along with studies in France's history, geography and social conditions. During the latter part of the studies in French, you'll find specialized courses in French literature from the 17th century onwards, French language history, Linguistics and Literature.

The two introductory courses, 15 credits each, give together specific eligibility to French A1. In the professional language courses is trained the ability to read professional texts, selected for the purpose. Some training in speaking and writing is included as well.

Courses at the advanced level are to be found under the heading Romance languages.


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