Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian 2022/2023

About the Subject

Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian, if not only for political reasons, should be regarded as three distinct Slavic languages, but they share partly a common history until the 1990s. There are currently about 21 million people speaking them.
The differences between the three languages ​​are no greater than that the speakers from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina can communicate with each other without problems. Languages ​​differ in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary, while grammar is largely common. After the 1990s conflict, differences between Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian have been accentuated. The pronunciation is easy because it follows the script. There are also courses in history, geography and social conditions. The beginner texts are written preferably with Latin alphabet but also Cyrillic alphabet is to be learned.

Courses at the advanced level are to be found under the heading Slavic languages.


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