Study abroad

As a student at the Department of Modern Languages you have the opportunity to spend some time abroad. Both as part of our own courses and as an exchange student.

Take the opportunity to study abroad during your time at the university. You will see how your language skills improve when you are constantly surrounded by the language and you will experience the excitement in entering the local culture and society – at the same time as you study interesting and relevant university courses. You will gain new insights and perspectives – and probably life-long memories!

Study abroad within the department's courses

You can study abroad in some of the department's courses.


German A and German B can be studied entirely in Freiburg, Germany.


A two week stay in Bologna, Italy, can form part of Italian B.


The module "The Spanish Language's History and Variation", which is part of Spanish B, can be read in Seville, Spain. 

Upper Secondary School Teacher Education Programme

If you are a student at the Upper Secondary School Teacher Education Programme, some weeks of studies abroad are included in French, German and Spanish at B level.

Exchange studies

You can apply for exchange studies if you:

  • have completed at least 60 credits in a language,
  • conduct full-time studies and
  • intend to graduate with a degree from Uppsala University.

There are two options for exchange studies: you either go through the department's agreements or through the university's agreements, which are managed by the Division for Internationalisation.

There is more information about the latter on the university's pages about studying abroad.

Exchange through the department's agreements

The department has subject specific agreements with the following universities:






Language proficiency requirements

A good proficiency in respective language is necessary since you will be studying at university level. A number of partner universities require that exchange students have a formal certificate at a certain level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You must meet those requirements already when you solicit your application form. For studies at other universities you must have studied and examined 60 credits before your exchange studies (in addition to introductionary courses). Exceptions can be done from this requirement if we asess your language proficiency to be sufficient already after an A level course.

Many times you can take courses that may form part of a C or D level course, but the choice of courses must be done in consultation with the subject coordinator at the department.


You apply for exchange studies by soliciting an application form to the department study counsellor. Please contact the study counsellor as soon as possible if you are interested in subject specific exchanges.

Fill in, print and sign the application form. Then e-mail th scanned document to the department's study counsellor.

Application form for exchange studies (in Swedish, PDF)


  • 1 October for exchange studies in the following spring semester
  • 1 April for exchange studies in the following autumn semester

E-mail the study counsellor to

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