Albanian is an Indo-European language spoken by more than six million people. The majority live in Albania and Kosovo, but there are major Albanian minorities in the neighbouring countries Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Greece and Italy. In Sweden there are around 40,000 Albanian speakers.

Outside Albania and Kosovo, Albanian is mostly taught in southern Europe. Uppsala University is one of a few universities in northern Europe that offers courses in the Albanian language and culture. Perhaps you have a personal connection to Kosovo or Albania? Maybe you need Albanian for your work? Are you planning a vacation in an Albanian speaking country? Our courses are for everyone interested.

The subject Albanian at Uppsala University is entirely IT-based. This means that you can study the language wherever you live. To participate in the courses you need a computer with internet connection, a web camera, speakers and a microphone.



There are two courses in Albanian, Albanian A1 and Albanian A2, at 15 credits each. These courses are composed of spoken and written Albanian, Albanian litterature and Albanian history. The courses give you a good basic knowledge in the language and useful insights into Albanian history and culture.
    If Albanian is your mother tongue, and you want to teach Albanian as a mother tongue, there is also a course called Mother Tongue Tuition: Albanian, 30 credits.

First cycle courses


Please note that the language of instruction is Swedish


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