German is the largest language in the European Union and it is spoken by around 100 million persons in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries. When you chose to study German at Uppsala University you get a solid education at an academic level, which gives you knowledge in the language, literature and the culture in the German speaking area, including practical language proficiency. Knowledge in German can improve your opportunities in the labour market - not least since Germany is Sweden's foremost trading partner.

German has been taught at Uppsala University since the 17th century. Today the teaching goes hand in hand with our broad and varied research; most of our techers are reserchers as well. We offer courses from first cycle level to PhD studies. As a beginner you learn the basics of the language with emphasis on oral and written proficiency, but you will also get to analyse fiction and study the German speaking countries from a cultural perspective. At a more advanced level the scholarly aspect becomes more prominent. You will study courses in linguistics and literature and write theses where you get to examine interesting issues.



Courses in German are offered at first and second cycle level as well as in PhD studies. We offer classes for beginners (Introductury Course I and II), and courses that require previous studies at upper-secondary level (if you haven't you can test your proficiency in German to see if you meet the requirements, or you can take an introductory course): The basic course German A1 kan be studied at full-time or part-time and even on-site in Freiburg, Germany; this also applies to German B1.

A less extensive alternative to the A-course is Practical German I and II. There is also a less extensive alternative on B-level: German for professional purposes B4. Many modules in the A-, B- and D-courses can also be chosen as freestanding, 7.5 credit courses, e.g. From Franz Kafka to Elfriede Jelinek at A-level or German literature and culture after 2000 at D-level.

First and second cycle level



Contact our study counsellor in the first place. You can also contact our subject coordinator:

Study German in Germany

You can study Uppsala University's A- and B-courses in German on-site in Germany!

Since 2001 the Department of Modern Languages has offered courses in German in Freiburg in Germany.

  • The advantage of studying German at Uppsala University in Germany is obvious: You are in Germany surrounded by the language and culture, but you are studying at a course offered by a Swedih university, and thus you get Swedish credits from you studies.
  • In the autumn semester you can study German A1 in Freiburg and in the spring semester you can study German B1. The courses in Freiburg follow the same course syllabus as the equivalent courses in Uppsala, but e.g. the course literature can differ somewhat.
  • You will have German teachers and teachers from the department in Uppsala.
  • You study at our own location in central Freiburg.

More about our courses in Freiburg! (in Swedish)

Please contact our subject coordinator for German, MIchael Prinz, if you have any questions!

Last modified: 2023-08-17