Coco Norén, New Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University


Coco Norén, professor in French at the Department of Modern Languages and Dean of the Faculty of Languages, was today appointed new Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University. She will assume her new position 1 January 2021.

The University Board decided today to appoint Coco Norén to new Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The decision was expected after she was proposed by the Electoral College, three weeks ago. The Swedish government is also expected shortly to appoint Anders Hagfeldt new Vice-Chancellor of the university.

Coco Norén became a professor in French in 2011 and since the summer of 2014, she has been the dean of the Faculty of Languages, a position she will leave as she assumes her new role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. As a researcher she has, among other things, studied argumentation in different types of texts, e.g. debates in the European Parliament.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor Coco Norén will be deputy to the Vice-Chancellor and serve in his place when he is not on duty. She will also substitute for the Vice-Chancellor to the extent he determines. The Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the University Director together constitute the university management.


Last modified: 2021-09-14