Hanna Henryson new doctor in German


Hanna Henryson is a researcher in German and a new doctor at the Department of Modern Languages. In her thesis, she concludes that East Germans, workers and migrants are peripheral when German novelists depict the transformation of Berlin's residential zones after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Instead, it is the perspective of the German middle class that dominates.

In her research, Hanna Henryson has studied how societal issues are treated in contemporary literature and the role of fiction in social processes. In her work with the thesis, she has studied a large number of novels that depict the transformation of Berlin's residential zones that has taken place after Germany's reunification. Central low-status areas have gradually been transformed into middle-class areas and residents with lower status have been replaced, in a still-ongoing process. In Germany, this has become something of a fiction genre of its own and Hanna Henryson went through more than a hundred Berlin novels, edited in the 21st century.

Hanna Henryson defended her thesis 4 December 2020.

*”Gentrifictions: On the literary treatment of gentrification in German-language Berlin novels after 2000”


Last modified: 2021-09-14