New senior lecturer in Estonian


Geda Paulsen is a new senior lecturer in Estonian at the Department of Modern Languages. Her most recent position was as a senior researcher; she has also worked as a senior lexicographer and participated in the creation of dictionaries at the Institute of the Estonian Language in Tallinn, Estonia.

Geda Paulsen presented her doctoral thesis, ”Causation and dominance: A study of Finnish causative verbs expressing social dominance”, at Åbo Akademi University, Finland, in 2011. Her research interests include lexical conceptual semantics, morphosyntax, word formation, pragmatics, lexicography, contrastive linguistics, and language learning and acquisition. She has also studied how colours are perceived, categorized, and named in different languages.

At the Department of Modern Languages, Geda Paulsen will teach Estonian and research in lexical semantics, morphosyntax, and contrastive linguistics. Geda Paulsen began working at Modern Languages in January 2021.

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Last modified: 2021-09-14