Romance Languages

The Romance languages have a long history at Uppsala University. Already in the beginning of the 17th century the so called language masters taught French, Italian and Spanish.

Today the Department of Modern Languages offers a broad variety of courses in Romance languages, at different levels and scope – from courses for beginners to second cycle level courses, from 7.5 to 30 credits. We offer courses in the Romance languages Catalan, French, Italian and Spanish.



We have courses for beginners in Catalan and Italian. In French and Spanish we offer courses at both first cycle and second cycle level. There are also courses for beginners in French, Italian and Spanish in introductory courses A11-A12, while the A-level in these languages requires that you have already studied the language in upper-secondary education (if you haven't there is the option to take an eligibility test or to chose an introductory course).

If you prefer to study at part-time there are the courses Practical French, Practical Italian and Spanish A13. At a more advanced level you can take the courses on part-time or full-time, some modules are also offered as freestanding courses.

First cycle level


Second cycle level

Romance languages


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