English Park Campus

English Park Campus is one of the largest at Uppsala University. In addition to the Department of Modern Languages you can also find the other departments of the Faculty of Languages here. The campus also houses the Karin Boye libraryHumanistiska teatern as well as research and teaching in a large number of disciplines within humanities and social sciences.

At the English Park Campus service center you can get help with e.g:

  • activating your student account
  • booking a group study room the same day
  • campus card

fire alarm instructions

If the fire alarm goes off, the buildings are evacuated. Staff and students reassemble in Carolinaparken, the park between English Park Campus and Carolina Rediviva. There you wait until you get a green light to return to campus.

The department has no specific reassembly site, you are free to go anywhere in Carolinaparken. It is however prohibited to stay indoors or anywhere in the English Park Campus. This, among other reasons, to not be in the way of the firefighters.

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